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Equipment Transport Vehicle (ETV-GYQXZ1608)
Equipment Transport Vehicle for Emergency Rescue (Model: GYQXZ1608) is equipped with seven types of devices: life-searching instruments, detecting equipment, rescue equipment, power-supply equipment, lighting facilities, medical instruments, safety & security equipment. The vehicle can rapidly convey all the needed equipment to the rescue site so as to make the rescue crew carry out rescue work promptly.
Equipment Transport Vehicle for Emergency Rescue is the vehicle with a special purpose of providing rescue equipment for onsite rescue when disasters happen. When architecture collapses which results from such natural disasters as earthquakes, tsunamis and mud slides, the vehicle supplies all the necessary rescue equipment for the onsite rescue, thus providing reliable guarantee for onsite rescue of accidents.
  • Applying Beiben 4X4 all-wheel drive chassis of off-road trucks. The vehicle with premium performance can be driven on roads with different degrees of ruggedness to rapidly carry the equipment to rescue sites.
  • Equipped with seven types of equipment: life-searching instruments (3 subtypes), detecting equipment (3 subtypes), rescue equipment (49 subtypes), power-supply equipment (3 subtypes), lighting facilities (6 subtypes), medical instruments (8 subtypes), safety & security equipment (8 subtypes), 800 sets or so of equipment in total. With complete rescue equipment, successful implementation of rescue work can be guaranteed.
  • Adopting int’l famous brands of rescue equipment with superior performance, secure and reliable.

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