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Inflatable Rescue Stretcher for All Terrain (SJJ-350)

Inflatable rescue stretcher for any terrain is a small, light, easy-carrying and comfortable inflatable fast rescue stretcher for emergency rescue use. The size is very small after folding, easy for storing and carrying. It’s suitable for different rescue situation with simple structure, and can be carried and hanged by rescue tools as vehicle, boat, helicopter etc. It’s made with the durable high density composite nylon fabric. It’s also equipped with inflation valve, inflatable mattress, waterproof packing bag with zipper, fast folding & unfolding belt, fix belt and handle belt. Because of the inflatable function, it can reduce the impact during passing the mountainous district or impacting the wall or climbing ladder, thus protecting the cervical vertebra and lumbar. The air part of the stretcher can keep away the high temperature of the asphalt road, and also reduce the hurt from rain, cold ice or snow area.

It’s fast for emergency use, easy and convenient, safe and stable, easy for storing and carrying, wide usage. It can be finished inflating as a stretcher in within 5 seconds when use it, and also can be used as bed for soldier when stay outdoors.

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